About Lisa Bieri

As a results-driven REALTOR with over 24 years of real estate industry immersion, I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their real estate goals in a timely, stress-free manner. With my in-depth knowledge of Door County’s market conditions, I’ll give you an insider’s view on the area’s best opportunities and help you structure your property listing or offer to purchase for success. Together we’ll work through any issues you may face, including budget limits, location preferences, property or structural conditions, and more. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned property owner, my expertise will help you navigate Door County’s real estate market with informed confidence.

My affinity for real estate comes naturally. My great-great grandfather migrated to Door County, Jacksonport to be specific, from Canada to purchase farm land. First he worked with Andrew Jackson (not the U.S. President) to harvest the acres and acres of timber around Jacksonport. The timber was just into logs for building, and firewood was shipped from the Jacksonport docks on Lake Michigan to locations in Chicago. With his earning he bought farm land, and lots of it. His son, my great-grandfather Nick built the structure Bley's Bar in 1905 and operated the bar, grocery and dance hall. Nick and his wife Emma had 13 children, and when each married they received a farm homestead. Many of those homesteads remain in the Bley family tree today. So, because of the pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of my grandfathers, real estate is a natural for me!

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